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Acceptable Usage Policy

This Acceptable Usage Policy (the "Policy") governs, in addition to the GlobeInt.com, Inc. "Service Agreement", the terms of use by the ("Customer"), which additionally is defined as any individual, web designer, or third-party consultant granted permissible access by Customer to Customer's account, the contract of shared web hosting services offered by GlobeInt.com, Inc. ("Provider").

Customer agrees when using, or accessing GearHost's services that the following terms and conditions of this policy will be met:


In order to provide a high class, professional service, we have a few conditions for Customers of our service. Some of these conditions may seem strict, but they insure a safe, functional, and trusted environment for our customers to publish their information on the World Wide Web.

Some of our competitors do not require their customers to comply with such conditions. If any of our existing or potential customers are unwilling or unable to comply with these conditions, we respectfully invite them to visit one of our competitors.

Web, FTP, Publishing Content Policies

Provider does not allow any of the following content, or links to such content, to be published on GearHost's Hosting Systems:

  • Content of a pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent nature.
  • Content of an illegal nature (including stolen copyrighted material).
  • Pirated software sites.
  • "Hate sites" or content that could be reasonably considered as slanderous or libelous.

Customers posting any of the above content on their sites will be notified using Customer's current email address on file, and given a 48 hour grace period to make any corrective actions. If no corrective actions are taken, Provider will suspend the services of the hosting account until a resolution is met between Provider and Customer. A repeated violation of this Policy may cause cancellation of service without refund of any fees.

Provider offers generous amounts of disk space, and network bandwidth. Customer is not permitted to knowingly allow another website or hosting server to link to content files stored on Provider's servers. Customer may not use hosting account as a remote storage server only. 75% of customer's content files stored on Provider's server must have associated HTML, or PHP files inside the account linking to the content stored on that account.

Email Usage Policies

GlobeInt.com, Inc. does not support unsolicited email messages sent by Customers of our system (also known as junk email or SPAM). Customers sending unsolicited email messages from our system, or through other systems with messages referencing their website, will have all of their services temporarily suspended. They will then be contacted by GlobeInt.com, Inc. and informed of the suspension before having their services reinstated. A repeated violation may cause cancellation of service without refund of any fees.

Illegal Activities

Customers found using our system for illegal activities, including but not limited to breaking in to remote systems, credit card fraud, theft, vandalism, threats, or violence, will have their accounts immediately canceled without refund of any fees.

Hostnames, IP Addresses

Provider will remain the sole owner of all IP network addresses within the Provider's network. Customer shall not knowingly modify any TCP/IP configuration that will conflict, or otherwise disrupt network service by using configurations not allocated to Customer by Provider. Best effort will be taken to maintain permanency of customer's allocated IP address, however Provider reserves the right to change customer's underlying IP network address during upgrades, security provisioning, or any other network migration service.

Right To Refuse Service

GlobeInt.com, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We enforce this policy to insure a professional environment for all the Customers of our system.

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